Grand Prix Tournament

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Grand Prix Tournament

Karts tournaments and championships in Madrid

Enjoy them at the legendary circuit of Jarama

Are you thinking about organizing a Karting Championship among your friends?

Or a Karts tournament for your bachelor's party

Or celebrate your birthday cwith a strong dose of adrenaline in group??

If the answer is yes, it is your lucky day. . . Now this could be possible, there is only one place in the Community of Madrid where this competition is carried in the blood, a place that smells gasoline, with plenty of history of motor racing of this country... Now you can do it in the mythical circuit of the Jarama.

Welcome to our Grand Prix tournaments, where you will live an authentic racing experience. After dressing up with your racing suit, you will drive the Practice Phase, then the Qualifying Phase and finally the Grand Prix, where there can be only one winner. Will it be you?

In addition, you can also organize the awards ceremony, with a real podium for the 3 first classified. ¡As in the F1!

And remember you are at the Jarama car racing track,in addition to Karting we have other motor activities and every day you will find different events. Come to drive karts and it is also possible that you can enjoy a race on the Competition track, and possible you will also see racing motorcycle in the pits, GTs at the paddock...


Tournament Phases:

  • Practice Phase (10')

Making contact with the track and with your kart. Time to make the optimal line, practice the braking, be the faster runner. You need to come prepared for the qualifying phase.
Times will be taken, but are only for your information.

  • Qualifying Phase (10')

The moment of truth is now upon us. In this phase your results will provide you with the assigned position in the Grand Prix starting grid. You will have to manage the traffic on track, that no one disturbs you on your fastest lap! Remember that the best lap will be the Pole...
Times will be taken, and on the basis they order is set to the grill of exit of the Grand Final.

  • Final Prix (15v.)

Now it is not a question who makes the fastest lap, what it is important is who reaches the checkered flag first. Focus, avoid mistakes and take advantage of others.
3, 2, 1, Start! 



Discount for groups of more than 4 persons!

  Mon to Fri Weekend
Between 5 and 14 participants: 50 € / person 50 € / person
Between 15 and 20 participants: 45 € / person 45 € / person
More than 21 participants: 40 € / person 40 € / person


Activities included

  • Activity proposed in accordance to the number of participants
  • Exclusivity of the track during the tournament phases.
  • 270cc Sodikart Karts.
  • Racing suits.
  • Full face helmets.
  • Professional timekeeping.
  • Coordinator.
  • Timekeeper.
  • Track Commissioners.

Premium rate services

  • Box-Classroom, with terrace and audiovisual means.
  • Customized trophies and champagne for the final podium ceremony

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