SUV Driving Course

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SUV Driving Course

Discover the possibilities of your SUV

Make the most of your SUV

Who is it intended for?

These courses are intended for users who do not perform an extreme use of off-road driving and usually drive on asphalt but that, sometimes, are introduced in the slippery land (rough land, snow, mud...) The course is an adaptation of what we do with cars made with SUV or TT and demonstrating the real possibilities of these.

How are those?

With a maximum of 10 participants per course, with your own vehicle or our Suzuki Gran Vitara, and five hours a day on Saturday or Sunday, the specialists of the school will teach you prevention techniques to drive safely, taking into account the specific behavior of these vehicles. You can make braking emergency, check how the car reacts in sliding situations and what is the dynamics and stability of the vehicle. In addition, you begin to drive in all-terrain; you will know what are the angles of approach and departure and its ramp break over ramp, practices in dirt track, crossing ditches and up / down soft ramps.