Level II – Advanced Course

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Level II – Advanced Course

Control your vehicle in critical circumstances

To whom is it intended for?

It is a course for drivers that, having done the Improvement Course, want to increase their knowledge in the domain of the vehicle and move forward in their driving technique.

How is this Course?

In this course, we are going to train you in more difficult situations, that is why it is important that you have a good basic knowledge, your accuracy in handling is precise and your driving efficiency improved.

You will practice very critical braking and sudden stability changes; you will comprehend and verify the driving assistance systems, you will take bends in low- grip conditions, you will see that it is not good to skid but if you have to do it, is better to know how to do.

The group will consist of ten student's maximum, and the duration is five hours during a half-day Saturday or Sunday.

Course includes a manual of driving technique and diploma.

Opinion: thank you for the attention received. Our teachers are great: José María, Emilio and John. The course has been excellent. We will see you next time! "María Teresa Feito y José Antonio Garabán