Jarama Christmas Trophy

Jarama Christmas Trophy

December 13, 2014

Endurance Touring Card Round

For the third consecutive year, the closing RACE Touring Car Trophy will take place at the Christmas Endurance round which will give the finishing touch to the Sports Touring Car season in the Madrid's circuit.

In the present edition two competition formats are convened, 2 hours of endurance and 3 hours of endurance that will receive a separate classification.

32 teams, 70 pilots, will meet in the Jarama Circuit in what promises to be a farewell to the 2014 automotive sports season with a high competitive level and participation

U P D A T E (download)


Timed qualifying practices

Classification 1st Race hour

Classification 2nd Race hour (2 hours endurance challenge Final)

Classification 3rd Race hour (3 hours endurance challenge Final)