RACE Trophy 2014

Second Round RACE Cars Trophy 2014

RACE Touring Cars Trophy today held the second round of the season...

The second of the four races included in the RACE Touring Cars Trophy was held today at the RACE Jarama Circuit with high participation with both public and number of registered.


In Division I, on the 1st round Israel de Ana kept leader from beginning to end, Fernando Gonzalez made his first podium of the year as the second, leaving Ignacio Leirana third, after leaving the grid in fifth position. Lopez-Pozuelo, had to abandon due to breakdown when he was in second position.

The 2nd race was marked primarily by break downs that forced the abandonment of López-Pozuelo, when he was in a thrilling duel for first position with Israel de Ana and Ignacio Leirana he was in third position. The podium on this race, the top spot for Israel Ana, the second Jaime Cela and Fernando Gonzalez in third place.


Division II, the 1st round was quite lively with Rodriguez Barcalá getting in the moves off at the end of the straight of track at the beginning and Antonio Castro the end of the round respectively, which changed the race classification, since Antonio Castro was 2nd place at the time of his running across the gravel, leaving the first position podium of this race to Ismael Arquero, winning Class 4, Aitor Calvet in second and Jacobo Garcia in third place and the winner of Class 3. In the 2nd round, the podium was for Ismael Arquero, second position to Carlos Esteban, first classified in Class 3 of the second round and closes the drawer Maximo Sant. 


At the end of today, the overall Trophy ranking for the moment leaves as leaders in Class 1 José Luis Barrera, Class 2 Israel de Ana, Pablo Martin in Class 3 and finally Aitor Calvet in Class 4.

The activity of the sporting circuit calendar, has been put on hold the return from vacation, will resume on Saturday, September 6 with the dispute of the third round of the RACE Touring Car Trophy, be followed on Saturday 13 by the third round of the RACE Motorcycling Trophy.