Pequeño Deseo -

Pequeño Deseo - "El Mundo" Foundation winner of the 24 Hours Ford 2014

At Jarama, rain, emotion, environment and, above all, solidarity

The Jarama Circuit (San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid), 29 November 2014.- The "Pequeño Deseo" Foundation, sponsored by "El Mundo" Newspaper, has been proclaimed winner of the 11th edition of the 24 Hours Ford, the solidarity test organized by Ford Spain

Jarama Circuit (San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid), 29 November 2014.- The "Pequeño Deseo" Foundation, sponsored by "El Mundo", has been proclaimed winner of the 11th edition of the 24 Hours Ford, the solidarity event organized by Ford Spain, during these eleven editions has become a landmark event of social action, combining perfectly automobile, driving, team strategy, endurance and minimum usage of fuel, all in order to help the most disadvantaged of society.

The participating teams in these 24 Hours Ford 2014 have had to deal possibly with one of the most difficult of all previous editions. The 10 people per team who have been taking turns at the helm of the car of the ten Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI, representing as many previously selected ONGs, have faced constant inclement weather, with rain throughout most of the competition, almost half of the race took place during the night hours.

The strategy, but also the driving, has played this time a great importance, so the 100 drivers in competition have had to strive to the maximum to get the best possible result, aided by a coordinator. The 10 participating ONGs have distributed a total of 144,000 euros, 38,000 of them went to the winner ONGs.


Very difficult but competitive 24 hours

As is known, the 24 Hours Ford are not a test of speed and the main point for this to happens is that each team can only consume a certain amount of high performance BP diesel fuel Ultimate, focused on 225 liters for all the competition and 8 tyres Continental ContiSportContact 3.

The start of the 24 Hours Ford was given together by the US ambassador in Spain, James Costos, who accompanied the President of Ford Spain, José Manuel Machado. As it happens in a race of this nature, quick start or be in the top positions in the first few hours is no guarantee of anything and that has been true in this difficult edition. "Juegoterapia" Foundation (Mondeo No. 6) was placed in first position and kept it for four hours and when night was locked and rain raged, they suffered off-track breaking the tires, which forced them to be need assistance.

Already in these first hours of the race the regular and safe riding of "Pequeño Deseo" Foundation (Mondeo No. 3) which inherited top spot and actually only left occasionally but always remaining in the first positions and also with excellent fuel consumption. In fact, the alternatives in the head were numerous, also came in first place "Amigos de los Mayores" Foundation (Mondeo No. 5), "Ana Carolina" Diez-Mahou Foundation (Mondeo No. 10) and "Xaley" Foundation (Mondeo # 1). Half of the participating ONGs had, at mid-race, chances of victory, but luck and success was making the logical choice in an event of such magnitude.

A winner team that wins with clarity

The "Pequeño Deseo" Foundation get stronger when "Amigos de los Mayores" lost almost all their chances when they realized the amount of fuel with they had to face the final stretch, so the last two hours of competition it seemed only a big setback could prevent the triumph of the fast Mondeo No. 3. Although the 24-hour Ford unforeseen outcomes are often present at the last moment, "Pequeño Deseo"-"El Mundo" Foundation, thanks to a great work of the crew and the coordinator, came with clarity in the first place, followed at 1 lap by Pita Lopez-Top Auto Foundation and 2 laps of Bobath -ABC Foundation.

As is already the norm in the 24 Hours Ford, crews have been composed by drivers of very different backgrounds, among which are ambassadors, movie stars and celebrities, politics, the arts, journalism and the sport, whom with its image have encouraged the spread of the challenge and are the top of the list of crews. In this edition, among the most well-known faces highlighted comedian and presenter El Gran Wyoming; the Pablo Ibáñez TV character "El hombre de Negro"; the actor Jorge Sanz; director David Trueba; sports journalist Antonio Lobato; the singer Chayo Mohedano; Maria Margarita Vargas, Duchess of Anjou; the components of the talent show of Masterchef: Jordi Cruz, Samantha Vallejo-Nagera and Pepe Rodriguez; the tennis player Tommy Robredo, among many other personalities.

Litmus test for the new Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi

In what has been its big dynamic debut in our country, the new Ford Mondeo has been the great protagonist of the 24 Hours Ford 2014. All the 10 participating units have been manufactured in Spain, they were identical and equipped with the same engine TDCI 2.0 180 HP turbo diesel, with the ONGs decor and logos and sponsors they represented. The special technological equipment of the Mondeo, a benchmark in its segment, has been an extraordinary ally to face the rain and slippery conditions imposed on the test. Three technical partners have supported this charity event of Ford Spain: BP Spain has provided the BP Ultimate fuel, ideal for the combustion Mondeo has been more efficient; Continental has supplied the high performance and excellent grip tires ContiSportContact 3 perfect to take advantage of the performance of the Mondeo; and RACE, which has allowed to use the facilities of the legendary Jarama Circuit.

Throughout its 11 editions, 24 Hours Ford have distributed 1.3 million euros between the participating institutions, which have helped to initiate 117 solidarity projects carried out by more than 70 foundations and charities organizations that have benefited 120,000 people worldwide.


Final Classification of the 24 Hours Ford 2014
1- "Pequeño Deseo" – "El Mundo" Fundation – 514 Laps – 38.000 Euros
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI nº 3
(Jordi Cruz, Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, María Margarita Vargas, Ignacio Salvador, Alejandro Pendas, Borja Jauregui, Félix García, Mario Cortijo, Ramiro Mansanet, José Luis Ochoa, Jesús Arnaiz. Coordinador: Antonio Garate)
2- Pita López – Top Auto Fundation – 513 Laps – 25.000 Euros
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI nº 8
(Javi Nieves, Chayo Mohedano, Mireia Montálvez, Diego de Azúa, Juan José Martín, Carlos Chico, Jota Abril, José Luis Pader, Gerardo Jiménez, Javier Pita, Joaquín Sáenz-Messía. Coordinador: Javier Navarro)
3- Bobath – ABC Fundation – 513 Laps – 14.000 Euros
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI nº 4
(Juanjo Ballesta, Sergio Fernández, Beatriz Cortázar, Vicente Criado, Alberto de los Santos, Juan Carlos Martínez Carreiro, Joan Dalmau, Isabel García Casado, José Manuel Pérez Lago, Octavio Morillas, Miguel de la Fuente. Coordinador: Luis Villamil)
4- Xaley – Car Magazine Fundation – 511 Laps – 12.000 Euros
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI nº 1
(Ana García-Siñeriz, Ramón Arangüena, Pablo Rivero, Jorge Baeza, Olivier Lechere, David Quinzán, Emilio Olivares, Óscar Becerra, Javier Moltó, José Pérez, Miguel Ángel Fernández. Coordinador: Joan Arnella)
5- Barraquer – Autofácil Fundation – 509 Laps – 10.000 Euros
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI nº 2
(El Gran Wyoming, Toni Garrido, Juan Carlos Breso, Javier Arús, Andrés Martínez, Juan Hernández, David Ayala, Paco Martín, María José Moreno, José Pablo Rodríguez. Coordinador: Juan Pedro Borreguero)
6- Ana Carolina Díez Mahou – Diario AS Fundation - 508 Laps – 9.000 Euros
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI nº 10
(Emilio de Villota, Antonio Lobato, Juan Carlos Servera, Mario Herraez, Andrés Novo, Gregorio Arroyo, Héctor Izquierdo, Juan Carlos Muñoz, José Manuel González, Pablo Vaquero. Coordinador: Víctor Zaragoza)
7- "Amigos de los Mayores" – Mediaset Fundation – 507 Laps – 9.000 Euros
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI nº 5
(Joaquín Prat, Miguel Temprano, Carmelo Sanz de Barros, Óscar Pizarro, Jorge Merchan, Marcos Martínez, Francis Fernández, Josep Camós, María Jesús Catalán, José Manuel Machado. Coordinador: Miguel Martín)
8- Apascovi – La Razón Fundation – 505 Laps – 9.000 Euros
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI nº 7
(Jorge Sanz, Ángel Rouco, David Trueba, Antonio Rodríguez, Carlos Rodríguez Quiroga, Cristina Rodríguez Quiroga, Carlos de Miguel, Raúl Salinas, Alberto Cánovas, Tomás Jansá, Jaime Barandiarán. Coordinador: Joan Mussull)
9- Juegaterapia – El Hormiguero Fundation – 501 Laps – 9.000 Euros
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI nº 6
(Tripulación: Pablo Ibáñez "El hombre de Negro", Tommy Robredo, Constantine Zis, DJ Nano, Oscar Martínez, Enric Sumoy, Fernando Gómez-Blanco, Javier Arenas, Eduardo Arcos, Etienne Lagrange. Coordinador: Alfonso Morata)
10- Aladina – Motorpress Ibérica Fundation – 496 Laps – 9.000 Euros
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI nº 9
(Esmeralda Moya, Roberto Brasero, Álvaro Gutiérrez, Marina García del Castillo, Adrián Lois, Francis Morillo, Juan Collín, Mario Herraiz, Javier Ochoa, Carlos Artola. Coordinador: Josep María Isidoro)