Level I – Improvement Course

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Level I – Improvement Course

Increase your safety

For whom?

If you've never done a Course in driving techniques, this is your course. If you have travelled many kilometers and have a driver's license for many years, ask yourself if you really have clear concepts and whether you know how to react correctly in difficult situations.

How to take the curves? Do I know how to make an emergency braking? How do I avoid the hydroplaning? Am I driving safely in rain or on slippery ground?

How is this course?

With only ten students per course you will enjoy direct attention of our expert instructors.

You will only have to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning. The duration of the course is five hours, with a brief overview in the classroom to solve your doubts and the rest of the time practicing with our cars on our exclusive sliding tracks. With total security.

Course includes a manual of driving technique and diploma.

"Hello! Today I attended a safe driving course at RACE's facilities and I liked it very much. I didn't know you could learn so much in only one morning. I had a lot of fun. Also instructors are great professionals with great patience and always with a smile." Gema Valiente