4x4 Off Road Course

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4x4 Off Road Course

Control your vehicle on any type of surface

You never imagined that your all-terrain would be capable of.

Who is it intended for?

This course is intended for users who want to know the basics of driving off-road vehicles in a secure environment and with respect to the environment. Registration is individual for a course that will have, a maximum of twelve participants during a course. You can drive your own vehicle or, with an increase in price, the school's vehicle.


Program and opinions

In this case, the RACE School instructors will teach concepts and techniques of the driving in this type of vehicles; differentials, gearboxes and traction types; preventive techniques depending on the ground; angles of approach and departure and its ramp break over ramp. All of these practices will be carried out at the dirt track, in the pit of mud and wading in the water.

In addition, the ramps, the side slopes and trails areas will be used to perform a full course of off-road racing.

Spectacular. I never thought that with my all-terrain vehicle I could be able to overcome so many obstacles."Manuel García