Awards Race trophy and outstanding marshalls

Awards Race trophy and outstanding marshalls

The President of RACE announces the completion of the tower work in September

The remodeling of the facilities of the Jarama Circuit Tower will end in September, according to the president of the Royal Automobile Club of Spain RACE, Carmelo Sanz, during the awards to the winners of the RACE Motorcycling and Touring Championships 2014 last Friday.

The end of this first phase of the Jarama Plan 2021 will be completed on schedule, according to the president of RACE, who was very pleased with the progress that is experiencing the work of the legendary control tower. This facility will provide a multipurpose infrastructure with restaurants, lounges to celebrate corporate events, etc.

Carmelo Sanz made the remarks after Prize Winners Ceremony of the RACE Motorcycle and Touring Car Championships 2014, events that year to year are experiencing very positive developments, both in participants and competitiveness.

In this sense, the director of the Jarama Circuit, Juan Carlos Servera, highlighted the creation of the category "Rookies" in the CRM last year, which led to many fans, who had never competed, they could do without making big economic disbursements.

Also Servera announced for the 2015 season the noise limits elimination in both championships, "a fact that will allow us to, surely, a broader registration thus increasing the grills of both tests."

Finally, during the ceremony the Jarama Gentleman Driver Trophy was awarded to Ramón López Villalba, for his dedication to racing, from karting to historic cars, in addition to being a person always linked to the RACE.