Race Touring cars trophy

Excellent season start

With the 2014 RACE Touring Car Trophy has given this weekend the flag start...

Although early in the morning it appeared that the rain was going to make act of presence, the weather held off and was possible to enjoy the first round of the Trophy with an excellent weather, allowing the public to enjoy this first event of the calendar. 
Both usual drivers and novice drivers gathered within the Divisions I and II and within four different categories that make up the Trophy. A round that saw several yellow flags in the first races of the two divisions, most likely due to the enthusiasm of the pilots to enjoy the Madrid's racetrack, fortunately without any remarkable incident.  
In Class 1, the first round victory was for Jose Luis Barrera, while Jose Alvarez del Manzano did the same in the second round, while in Class 2 victory in the two races went to Israel de Ana
Meanwhile, in Class 3 the first round was without a winner, because under Article 22 of the Regulation of the Trophy the pilot Antonio Martinez was excluded for passing with a yellow flag, in the second race he was in first position and took the podium; in the case of the two rounds of Class 4, both had a clearly dominant: Daniel Marban Ojea.
The next Jarama Circuit RACE sporting event will take place April 26, with the dispute of the first round of the RACE Motorcycling Trophy, which is strengthened after the return of this event to the Madrid's calendar last season..